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  1. Our Fave Books!

    Our Fave Books!

    While the COVID19 pandemic continues to keep us at home, staying in with a good book seems like the best way to go. Fortunately, we here at St Frock have our very own Book Club - which is to say that once a month we spend a Friday afternoon talking abo

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  2. Best Rom-Coms to Watch this Valentine's Day

    Best Rom-Coms to Watch this Valentine's Day

    Let’s be honest, extravagant Valentine’s Day rendezvous’ aren’t for everyone. Whether you’re planning on spending the evening cuddled on the couch with a loved one or solo with a big tub of ice-cream, sometimes you j

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  3. END OF SEASON SALE: An Interview with Sharky-Shark!

    END OF SEASON SALE: An Interview with Sharky-Shark!

    In case you missed it, St Frock's resident Sharky-Shark is known by all for her serious dance moves! We sat down with Sharky-Shark to chat about all things St Frock Sale, Valentine's Day & more!

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  4. Our 2020 New Year's Resolutions!

    Our 2020 New Year's Resolutions!

    We were totally excited for the champagne and sparkles that was New Year’s Eve... but now that it's January, we’re left with a brutal hangover, glitter in our hair, and hope for what the new decade will bring. 

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  5. Cute-mas Competition!

    Cute-mas Competition!

    Our favourite entries from our Cute-mas Competition as types of family members at Christmas!

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  6. Teacher's Day with @teacherishappy

    Teacher's Day with @teacherishappy

    Here at St Frock, we love our teachers and their too-cool-for-school style! We had a chat with Sarah Sainty from

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  7. Daffodil Day Bake Off

    Daffodil Day Bake Off

    The team here at St Frock donned their most gorgeous yellow outfits and hosted a delicious Daffodil Day Bake Off this morning to raise funds for the Cancer Council on #daffodilday2019. 

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