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  1. Beach-Ready Styling Hacks

    Beach-Ready Styling Hacks

    Fashion-wise, summer can be a tricky time of the year. The glitz and glamour of the festive season is now behind us and we've settled in to a relaxing routine of beach, pool, dinner and bed (in that order). Summer dressing fo

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  2. Our Favourite Holiday Cocktail Recipes!

    Our Favourite Holiday Cocktail Recipes!


    Here at St Frock, we LOVE the festive season. We love the parties, the food and of course, the cocktails! There is no better

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  3. Ultimate Party guide

    Ultimate Party guide

    It’s November (Gasp! When?! How?!) which means that 2019 is almost over and the festive season is here! If you are like me with absolutely nothing to wear to the

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  4. DIY Flower Crowns!

    DIY Flower Crowns!

    Last Friday, we threw a Flower Crown Workshop at St Frock, hosted by our amazing in-house florist, Lee

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  5. Just Another Mannequin: My Favourite Spring Styles!

    Just Another Mannequin: My Favourite Spring Styles!

    Rochelle from Just Another Mannequin talks us through her favourite spring styles to embrace this season! 


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  6. Spring is here!

    Spring is here!

    Spring has finally arrived and here at St Frock,

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  7. Be Our Guest

    Be Our Guest

    Our Complete Guide to Wedding Season Style!

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