Welcome back to paradise pals, we’ve got plenty to catch up on and we know this is still only the beginning! 

It seems like all we ever hear is Flo complaining about Jake and we just wanna say, gal pal should have kept Davey in! Jake is a snake! 

Jake the snake

Michael and Keira venture out on a date and we’ve gotta admit - we’re kinda starting to love Keira! This refreshing honesty and vulnerability is going some way to redeeming her previous mean-girl antics. Her date with Michael is pretty meh.. His banter skills are weak and she’s already commented on his veneers so boy probably knows to keep his lips sealed… 



“It is pot plant Jarrod, fuck me” Florence says and we’re done! 

Wonder who home boy is going to offer his pot plant to this season..?

Pot plant

New romance alert: Tara and Uncle Sam!

We’ve gotta admit, they’re both funny AF, love a drink or 10 so why not?! We’re keen to see where this goes! 


OMG okay! Remember sweet, crazy-eyed Ali from Tim Robard’s season! She’s absolutely gorgeous and all the guys swoon over her - no loyalties in paradise!

Jarrod gets weird and has immediately fallen head over heels for her - he was last seen in Bunnings asking for directions to their pot plant section. Boy has a thing for gorgeous blondes!



K, not gonna lie, we all stalked the shit out of Meagan’s Instagram after she left Richie’s season and then started dating a girl.

She swings both ways, and she’s gorgeous! 

Jake and Meagan head out on their date (he’s previously slid into her DMs, but he’s not a sleaze, remember?). Anyway to sum it up, Jake-the-snake sticks his tongue down her throat and that’s about it tbh. 

Back at the resort, Mack also falls in love with Ali, and carries on about his window cleaning business. What a riveting conversation - someone pass our girl Ali a drink! She deserves it after listening to that! 


Keira comes back from her date with Michael and sees that Jarrod has arrived. It’s actually really sweet how excited she is that he’s there! It seems our gal is genuine and actually interested in him, or is this a strategic game play?

Anyway, then Jarrod completely ruins it by saying how he’s now in a love triangle. Ease up, Bucko and get a cold face washer, you’re getting more alarmingly red by the second. 

J man

Michael is pissed that while he was on his date with Keira, Tara and Uncle Sam actually got along! Things happen fast on this island! NEXT!

Until next time in paradise!