Things are finally heating up in paradise and the drama is here!

We start off with Flo pissed AF. Can this end already? I can’t keep up with them and their childish games. You defs made the wrong choice Flo. Davey was the clear winner and we all knew.

Anyway to sum it all up, Jake tells Flo that his date with Meagan was pretty average and that they didn’t kiss… But that was a lie and then Flo finds out and she ain’t happy! Come on Jake, it’s a pretty small circle of people - they talk.. 


K so Jarrod gets the date card and surprise surprise he takes his new true love Ali. 

Their date is sweet, Ali giggles cutely at Jarrod’s lame jokes, awkwardness and horrible dancing ability. But can we just add, that boy needs some SPF 100+, stat! We’re genuinely concerned.. he shoulda picked up a Bunnings hat while he was buying her pot plant!


Back to camp, Mack and Leah lie along the beach and she informs him that she only dates male models. Leah basically friend zones Mack - we knew it was coming, she’s all about that strategy. But she says she’s into Michael and is ‘testing the waters’ with everyone… K Mack, chill a little please - isn’t that the point of this show?! 

Anyway he’s pretty crushed and then tells us that he’s into Ally - classic dude, apparently they know a gorgeous blonde when they see one! 


Okay back to the Ali situation, basically Mack, Michael and Jarrod are all into her. She’s not sure about them but wants to get to know Michael - classic.. Hot people like to stick together. 

Keira likes Jarrod as she doesn’t even try to hide.. She’s not into anyone else there and wants to get to know him organically without forcing him. Fuck yes Keira, finally someone that vaguely resembles a normal person on this show! 

Can we add, the bartender is an absolute legend! 


Now to the drama of the ep! After finding out about the kiss Flo basically loses her shit, throws a glass of champagne at Jake-the-Snake and calls him a fuckwit. Fair. But now Flo is worried she wont get a rose and will have to go home… 


This week the guys are handing out the roses..

Mack - Ali 

LOL Leah is cut AF! And Jarrod is also pissed “MACCA BLOODY WELL KNEW I WAS GIVING HER MY ROSE” haha.. 

not happy jan

Jarrod - Keira

Poor Keira.. She knows she was his second choice.

Eden - Nina

Luke - what’s her name

yeah we’re bored…

Blake - Lenora

LOL HAHAHA He cant even remember her name! DEAD They’re done! 


Sam - Tara 

*Jake-the-Snake starts panicking and making drama. He keeps whispering to Michael to pick Flo..

Michael picks Leah…

*cue dramatic music that just makes the whole situation even more ridic*

Jake give Meagan his rose.. 

Flo’s out. 

We still love ya babes. 

“I’ve never met anyone so fake or cold hearted” Yep, Jake’s a dick. 

the snake

Can’t wait for next week!