When you spend so much time at home, as most of us currently are, you can start to find little things about your space that you want to change. And while we don’t condone rushing off to Bunnings and buying the first thing you see, there’s certainly no better time to plan your next DIY project.

But when it comes to giving your space a refresh, knowing where to start is the hardest part. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Milton & King to talk about some DIY wallpaper tips. We chatted with their Digital Brand Manager, Chris about choosing the right wallpaper for your space. 

Chris: Milton & King’s wallpaper is a non-woven paste-the-wall type wallpaper. You install this wallpaper by applying a wallpaper paste to the wall with a brush, just like you would apply paint. One strip at a time, you apply the paste to the wall and put the paper up.  The great thing about this wallpaper is that while it is durable and suitable for both domestic and commercial spaces, it can be removed pretty easily too, not like the old days. Using a scoring tool and a wallpaper removing solution like hot water mixed with fabric softener will get the paper to easily peel off the wall. Wallpaper no longer needs to feel like a life sentence.




Choosing the right wallpaper: 

When it comes to style, Milton & King’s wallpaper comes in everything from subtle neutrals like beiges and greys to full-on bold and colourful designs. Bathroom and powder rooms really benefit from colours and designs that are dramatic. For the bedroom, florals really help bring in a romantic element. Some designs will enhance your existing décor while others can be attention-grabbing conversation starters. Some people will wallpaper an entire room while others find it super effective to have just one accent or feature wall. There really is no right or wrong answer and the options are as varied as people’s personalities. And that’s what it is really about, allowing a person to express themselves and feel connected to the place they call home.


Installing your wallpaper:

Prep is priority. Milton & King suggests cleaning your wall and applying a good primer. This will help the wallpaper have better adhesion and will also help the wallpaper strip off cleaner when you’re ready to remove it.

 When you are installing your first drop off wallpaper, you’ll want to make sure the first drop is straight. Getting the first drop straight is key for getting all the other drops to look straight across the wall. When you cut your first drop of wallpaper from the roll (using a very sharp blade), make sure you leave about 6 inches in length on the top and bottom so that you can overlap on the floor and ceiling. This way, when you use your blade to cut the extra portions off, you’ll have a nice clean cut flush against the edges. 

 Also, don’t be afraid to be very generous with the amount of paste you put on the wall. Once you use your smoothing tool to smooth out any air bubbles, the excess paste will push out the sides for you to wipe away. But using too little paste can cause your wallpaper to fall. Don’t be afraid to use too much.

Check out Milton & King for more tips for installing your own wallpaper. 

Prices start at $120 per roll.

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