This Mother’s Day, we asked you to share your Mum’s superpower in 25 words or less. We received so many amazing stories about mum’s who are loving, selfless, clever and funny! Read on for some of our favourite entries. 

@ ashleighmvclark

Her superpower is...somehow she has the power to be everyone's everything anywhere anytime. No matter, how big or small, mum always has it covered.


Being able to tell when I’m upset before I’m able to admit it ❤️


My mum’s superpower is putting up with us four kids!

Katie Neidhart

My mum’s superpower is to always beat the odds! So lucky and thankful to have her here with us... and she somehow amazingly always manages to still put everyone first! Especially her grandkids! 


My mum’s superpower is homeschooling my eldest while looking after my other children, a 3 and 1-year-old so I can work.

Bec Cassar

My mum’s superpower is always knowing the minute the washing machine is finished! 

Christine May McDonald

My mum’s superpower is always knowing the answer to every cooking question I ever have! I have no idea how she knows everything!!

Elisha Heywood

Potato bake, 100% her superpower is potato bake 


My mum’s superpower is giving my girls sugary treats and that they remain little angels. When I give them treats, little devils emerge. 

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