All of our favourite entries from our Pets in Winter Competition!

It’s no secret that we love our animals here at St Frock! With the weather getting cooler we often find our furry little friends get pretty creative when trying to keep warm, so we asked you guys to snap a pic of your pets at home and upload them to our Facebook post. Here are some of our favourite entries, including some of our favourite pets from around the office!

Nau Nau (aka Fashion Dog Sydney) is easily the best dressed in the office here at St Frock. She has more outfits than anyone I know (I’m not even kidding).

We loved this silly little polar bear keeping warm! Congratulations to dog mum Aimee for taking out the competition with this adorable pic.

This cool cat is not here for your sh*t and at 16 years old, we don’t blame her! Thank you to kitty mum Cherie for the submission.

Who said our favourite leopard print trend was only for humans? We think this outfit coordination is total squad goals! Big thank you to Aimee for the submission.

CAN YOU EVEN!? We think Thor the Wallaby looks snug as a bug in her cute blanket. Thanks to Alexandra who made us seriously jealous with this submission.

The sooky face. The sweatshirt. This furry little friend just gets me! Thank you to Ashlea for the submission!

So apparently, Ruby lies on the heated ducts in the house and hogs all the hot air while everyone else in the house freezes. Ruby knows what she wants. Be like Ruby. Thanks to Samantha for the pic!

Okay but seriously, where is everyone getting these adorable roo’s and where can I get one? This little guy escapes the winter chill with a real wood fire! Thanks to Bella for the submission!

Okay, so not technically a pup in winter gear, but this pooch reminds me of me at 18, going clubbing in mid-July, in a mini skirt. Don’t lie, you know exactly what I’m talking about. We’ve all been there. Thanks to Melinda for the hilarious photo!

More bunnies in cubbies for the rest of 2019, thanks! Thanks to Hannah for this pic!

Heater? Tick. Sweater? Tick. Three furry blankets? Tick! Bonus points for on-trend zebra AND leopard print! Thanks to April for this cozy submission.

1. Where is this coat from and 2. Does it come in human size??? Thanks to Rebekah for this gorgeous pic!

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