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HOW TO:  Dress your baby bump

Pregnancy hormones are flowing, your skin is glowing and your body is growing! At St Frock we love babies so we offer lots of baby-friendly options for you to wear. So check out our top tips for your bump styling and beyond.

Stretchy Fabrics.

Buy anything with a bit of stretch as these will carry you through various stages of your pregnancy. Versatile pieces that can be dressed up or kept casual. 

Empire Shapes.

If you want to have the freedom of a loose fit without losing all shape, shop empire shapes, pieces that have a stretch section under the bust.

Versatile Basics.

Invest in some versatile basics, in a few sizes up, so you can layer as well as mix and match, this will help you transition through trimesters super easily.

Fabulous Accessories.

Accessories elevate any outfit. A printed scarf, statement earrings, or a funky necklace are all things that can instantly transform your look.

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