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Finding your perfect denim jean is like striking gold but it shouldn't be when you know how to fit your shape. We show you some tricks to find the ultimate fit.



Hourglass - Maintain Balance: The hourglass body shape is naturally balanced with a defined waist.

Rectangle - Create Shape: The rectangle body shape is very straight, balanced like an hourglass minus the waist.

Pear - Give Volume and Highlight the Upper Body: The pear shape has a slender top half and larger bottom half.

Apple - Create a Waist: The apple body shape tends to carry most of their weight around their midsection and lacks a defined waist.

Inverted Triangle - Give Volume and Highlight the Lower Body: Reverse of the pear shape, the inverted triangle shape has a smaller bottom half than top half, and a little definiton between their waist and hips.



Now to find the rise to best compliment your body type.


High Rise - Sits On or Above the BelLy Button: This fit is a classic. Athletic body types with smaller waists such as rectangle and inverted triangle, will love this fit, slender hourglass shapes look fantastic in a stretch high rise jean!

Mid Rise - Sits Just Under the Belly Button: The fit that compliments all body types and just about any top length. The Mid Rise gives strutcure around the midsection.

Low Rise - Sits 2 inches Below the Belly Button: Choose a fitted style with stretch. The Low Rise fit is fabulous if you want to highlight your hips and it suits athletic shapes of the rectangle and inverted triangle.



Skinny - Despite the name, this jean has nothing to do with your figure; they just have the slimmest ankle of all styles. This is the jean for every shape and often includes stretch so are super comfortable. For this style consider the wash you choose. Apple, pear and hourglass shapes look best in dark washes, while apple and inverter triangle shapes can wear lighter washes.

Straight - Straight leg jeans are a more relaxed version of skinny jeans, great if you are wanting some more room in the leg and at the ankle. Hourglass, apple and inverted triangle shapes all suit the straight leg shape.

Boyfriend - Like flares, there are varying degrees of this fit. Boyfriend jeans are best for apple and inverted triangle shapes.

Bootcut - A more subtle take on the flare. Bootcut jeans are best for hourglass and pear shapes as they balance out the hips and inverted triangles as they balance larger shoulders.

Mom - Mom jeans are high waisted, roomy around the hips and bottom and taper at the ankles. This style is great for apple and rectangle, those who want to create the illusion of a waist and can suit pear shapes when worn snuggly.

Flare - Flared jeans are best for apple, hourglass and pear shapes as they balance out the hips and have a high waist, they suit inverted triangles also as they balance larger shoulders.



SKINNY JEANS - All Body Shapes

Versatile & flattering denim starts wth our Brooklyn Mid Rise Jeans in Dark Blue! These will form the building block to some of your favourite outfits thanks to the flattering skinny fit & the soft, stretch denim.

STRAIGHT JEANS - Apple, Hourglass and Inverted Triangle

After something a litte more relaxed than a skinny? Try something new with our Chicago Ripped Jeans.

BOYFRIEND JEANS - Apple and Inverted Triangle

Our Espresso Ripped Jeans are your ticket to an easy & effortless everyday style.

MUM JEANS - Apple, Rectangle and Pear

Our Kloe Mom Jeans are the classic mom style jeans, we are obsessed.

DARK WASH - Pear and Hourglass

Confidence abounds with our Little Lies Jegging. Featuring an elasticised waistband that is stretchy and a flattering high rise to keep you looking sleek all day long.

LIGHT WASH - Apple and Inverted Triangle

Rule your world in our Worldy Biker Jeans. These stretchy bottoms are your best friend.

LOW WAIST JOGGER - Rectangle and Inverted Triangle

Our Ryder Denim Jogger Pants are the pocket pleaser, its four functional pockets make it the ultimate pants for those of us on the run.

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