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What we're Streaming Right Now!

The weather is getting cooler and that can only mean one thing: movie nights! Take a moment in between self-isolating and home workouts to put your feet up and indulge in some of our favourite shoes and movies to stream right now.

Name: Nikki

Movie/TV Show/ Doco Title: The Last Dance

What it's about: This Michael jordan documentary follows the rise and fall of his siz-time championship Chicago Bulls team and honestly. i think it is the only thing getting me through quarantine! if you're an NBA fanatic like me, you'll love the candid interviews with Michael Jordan and the old game footage. If you're not a huge basketball fan, you'll love the hit of 90's nostalgia and drama that comes with fame and success.

Where to stream: Netflix

Name: Blanaid Moore

Movie/TV Show/ Doco Title: Normal People

What it's about: This dramatisation of Sally Rooney's novel focuses on the relationship of Conal & Marianne, from their teenage years in rural Ireland through to the years in University. This show makes me feel very nostalgic for my teenage years.

Where to stream: Stan

Name: Ellen

Movie/TV Show/ Doco Title: Ozark

What it's about: Drama starring Jason Batemen and Laura Linney as regular husband and wife who find themselves in over their heads laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel. They move their family to the Ozarks, a sleepy lakeside village populated by gun-toting rednecks, with the aim of taking over the town one small buisness at a time so they can clean the dirty money. Every episode ends with a cliff-hanger, and you can't help but binge it. Enjoy on a rainy Sunday with microwave popcorn and ugg-boots.

Where to stream: Netflix

Name: Bella

Movie/TV Show/ Doco Title: Succession

What it's about: Loosely based on the Murdoch Family, the 'Logan' family is know for controlling the biggest media and entertainment company in the world. Watch for: Family feuding and sibling dynamics at their finest. Their lavish and luxurious lifestyles leaves you wanting to join this dysfunctional family. Don't watch if: You want something to switch off and half-watch, half sit on your phone. This is witty, intense and will leave you wanting more. (Season 2 HURRY UP ALREADY!!!!)

Where to stream: Foxtel Go or Stan

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