Linen. It’s timeless and classic, a fabric that combines simplicity with elegance, and never goes out of fashion.

By far the most breathable of any fabric, linen is super durable and wicks away moisture from the body so it's easy to keep your cool when the heat is on, and look effortlessly good while you’re at it. 

The linen look is all about minimalism – think clean lines, neutral tones, oversized shapes. Add modern minimalist accessories to tie an outfit together. 

Looks chic and professional with no compromise on comfort in our linen, blouses, pants, and summer dresses. Our linen pieces work as hard as they play our playsuits and dresses are perfect for all your summer parties.

Don’t be cautious of the linen crush with 100% linen, embrace it! That said its simple to release the crease, just hang the piece in the shower and let the steam work its magic. No iron necessary or shop our linen blends.