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5 Tips For Selecting The Best Maternity Dress

When you’re expecting a bundle of joy, finding a comfortable but stylish maternity dress is crucial. With St Frock, that’ll be a breeze with our classy selection of dresses for women who are meeting their new little one soon. Here are some tips on finding the best maternity dress for this exciting time in your life. 

#1: Comfort is queen.

As your body changes through the miracle of pregnancy, it becomes more and more important to stay comfortable.

Laid back fit 

Fit is key here. Look for styles that offer a relaxed fit to accommodate your growing bump. Want something that doesn’t hide your figure but also doesn’t feel too restrictive or tight? Go for loose dresses with belt details, a maternity wrap dress that accentuates your form or maternity clothing with an elastic waist!

Freeing fabrics

Picking the right fabric is another way to ensure you have a comfortable maternity dress. During pregnancy, increased body temperature is normal. To stay cool, go for breathable options like a cotton, rayon or linen dress. Fabrics that blend these fibres work too! 

From Maternity to baby: To get the most use out of your dresses look for a built in breastfeeding opening with modesty cover. St Frock has a great range.

#2: Don’t forget about the neckline and hem length.

Your bust size is likely to change during pregnancy, so choose necklines that make you feel confident and supported. 

Not sure what you’ll be comfortable with as you go from one trimester to the next? Shirt dresses with buttons are a brilliant solution. Just by undoing or doing up buttons, you can quickly change how much coverage you have as your preferences change throughout the term or even throughout the day. 

Hem length is another coverage concern. When it comes to pregnancy wear, maxi and midi hemlines are popular choices because they’re great at maintaining that streamlined look even as your bump grows. 

However, don’t rule out above-the-knee hemlines! Who says pregnant women can’t absolutely rock a mini dress? They make a great summer maternity dress option that lets your skin breathe.

#3 Pick colours and patterns you love.

When your body is going through a lot of changes, anything that helps you feel at home in your skin is a win. Pregnancy is a journey worth celebrating, and your wardrobe should reflect that joy. So, select dresses in colours and prints that make you feel good. Choosing your favourite elements is one of the many ways you can make maternity fashion your own. 

Do you have a vibrant and bold approach to style? St Frock has tons of multi-coloured and patterned pieces to match your playful glow. Feel the most confident in sleek, monochromatic and professional ensembles? Get one of our classic white or black dress options and find out how sophisticated a maternity outfit can be.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I consider when shopping for maternity dresses online?

Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for maternity clothes online:

  • Sizing. Figuring out sizing virtually can be challenging. That’s why we’ve got handy size guides for all of our products. Our team even hand-measures all our garments for accuracy! 

  • Return policy. Sometimes, you don’t completely know how you feel about what you’ve bought online until it’s in your hands and you’ve tried it on. Luckily for you, we’ve got a 60-day free returns policy* if you change your mind!

  • Variety. Choose an online store that doesn’t limit your options. At St Frock, variety is crucial. Not only is our collection packed with diverse styles, but we also constantly refresh it with up to 100 new drops every week.

How can I dress up a maternity dress for a special occasion?

St Frock has a wide selection of maternity party dresses that you can style according to what type of event you’re going to. 

  • Girl time. It’s best to give your stilettos a break during your pregnancy, but you can still look chic when going out with friends. Wear your favourite accessories, bring a small, cute purse and you’re good to go.

  • Professional get-togethers. When dressing up a maternity dress for work events like a conference or a fancy dinner with a client, go for dainty jewellery and layer with a chic blazer.

  • Weddings. Choose accessories that match the theme of the wedding and grab a classy clutch. For an elegant touch, add hair accessories like intricate barrettes or satin headbands. 

What are the different styles of maternity dresses?

At St Frock, our maternity dress collection includes shift, smock, wrap dresses and shirt dresses. We have a variety of sleeve types and hem length options. So, whether you’re looking for a midi dress with flutter sleeves or a sleeveless maxi dress, our shop has what you’re looking for.

Your new favourite dress is waiting for you

Every pregnant woman deserves a fashionable maternity dress that’ll match her glow, which is why we offer so many baby bump-friendly styles you can rock during – and even after – your pregnancy. But St Frock doesn’t stop there. 

We’re here for every woman, from the excited wedding guest choosing the right dress to wear to a romantic beach ceremony to the determined young professional looking for the right outfit for an upcoming pitch. Actually, even if you’re just on the hunt for a new go-to, everyday dress you can reach for when you need a quick confidence boost, St Frock is the place to go!

Refresh your wardrobe today with our must-have styles. Shop our maternity dresses today and enjoy free shipping on qualified orders*!