We know you love midi dresses as much as we do. A midi dress is the perfect combination of chic and comfy! 

What’s the Best Midi Dress for Your Body Type?

Affordable midi dress options are a great way to expand your wardrobe, especially if your personal style is ever-changing. But if you’re not sure which midi dress styles will highlight your body’s natural features, today’s your lucky day! Sit back, read on and find out how to find the perfect midi casual or formal dresses that perfectly skirt the line between cheeky and classy.

#1. Midi dresses for an hourglass body type

If you have a balanced pair of hips and busts with a well-defined waist, go for a casual midi dress that perfectly complements these natural curves. You’ll look fantastic in nipped and belted dresses that cinch at the waist; they emphasise your shape without adding unnecessary bulk.

Wrap dresses create a beautiful silhouette for a graduation look, hugging the waist and flaring out gracefully. Sundresses accentuate your curves while offering a comfortable, flattering fit for date night. Try darker colours, such as navy, black, and deep green, to define the waist even more and create a slimming effect.

#2. Midi dresses for a pear-shaped body type

Need midi dress outfit ideas? Pear-shaped body types can balance out the fullness of their hips with midi party dresses that draw attention to the upper body. An A-line dress softens the lower body while helping shift the focus upwards, and they’re great for a cocktail party, a backyard gathering, or even a trip to the farmers’ market.

Midi dress styles with eye-catching necklines can help shift the focus upwards – think deep Vs, sweethearts, and even asymmetrical styles! 

#3. Midi dresses for an inverted triangle body type

For inverted triangle body types, which feature broad shoulders and a narrower waist and hips, a great midi dress balances out proportions. Midi dresses for women can work wonders when they slim the upper body while adding volume to the lower body.

You’ll want dresses with V-necks or polo-style shift dresses to create a longer, more slender neckline. Look for flared skirts that add volume to your hips. Need corporate-appropriate options? Shirt dresses provide that same slimming effect on top while creating drama on the bottom.

And finally, print is your best friend! A floral midi dress or one with horizontal stripes or patterns can create the illusion of a wider waist, adding volume and drawing attention downward.

#4. Midi dresses for an apple body type

Finding the right midi dress for women with apple body types might sound tricky at first, but it’s pretty simple! Apple body types, featuring a rounder midsection, broader shoulders, and a fuller bust, benefit from midi dresses that divert attention away from the midsection and create a balanced silhouette.

Empire summer dresses are perfect as they flow out from just under the bust, providing a graceful drape over the midsection. A-line midi dresses are another great idea; they offer structure without clinging to the waist, making them ideal for daytime outings or simply frolicking across town.

When it comes to colour, monochromatic outfits in darker shades can elongate the figure, adding a sleek, continuous line

#5: Midi dresses for a rectangular body type

For rectangle body types, characterised by uniform measurements and a straight waistline, the right midi dresses can create the illusion of curves. The goal is to amp up the volume and define the waist!

Try a linen dress with belts or waistline details, which can help define the waist area and create an hourglass silhouette. Romantic details like puff sleeves and perma pleats can add volume to the bust and hips, too. Wrap dresses that hug your body in the right places can also create more dimension.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the different styles of midi dresses?

There are so many midi dresses to choose from, and the hunt for the right one for you is almost as fun as wearing it! 

  • Wrap midi dresses are great at accentuating the waist and creating an hourglass silhouette.

  • A-line midi dresses are ideal for balancing proportions because they flare out gently from the waist.

  • Shirt dresses are great for smart casual outings, and they can elongate the body.

  • Shift dresses, on the other hand, aren’t tailored at the waist, making them ideal when you want a more relaxed midsection.

  • Smock dresses add volume to the lower body, enhancing curves.

  • Finally, fun and flowy sundresses draw attention to the upper body.

Each style is designed to emphasise specific body features and create a flattering silhouette.

Are midi dresses suitable for all body types?

With the hundreds of options we have available, there’s a midi dress for every body type, including hourglass, rectangle, apple-shaped, inverted triangle, and pear-shaped figures. The perfect midi white dress for you might look completely different from the style that suits your bestie – that’s why we’ve helpfully gathered the tips above to make shopping easier for you!

How do you choose the right size midi dress?

Midi dresses should typically fall between the knee and ankle. As for size, choosing the right size involves understanding your body measurements and considering the dress’s design. Measure your bust, waist, and hips to find your correct size, and when you receive it in the mail, check that the dress fits well at the waist and offers the desired silhouette.

Trying on different styles and sizes can help you find the midi dress that makes you feel confident and comfortable. With our 60 day free returns* policy, this’ll be a breeze!

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