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St Frock Rewards


Popular Questions

What is St Frock Rewards?

St Frock Rewards is our loyalty program, where you get rewarded for being you. St Frock Rewards gives you early access, exclusive offers and fabulous perks depending on your reward tier. Find out more here.

How do I join St Frock Rewards?

To become a member, you must create an account and place your first order with St Frock. Existing customers are automatically a member of St Frock Rewards. St Frock Rewards membership is free to all Australian residents aged 18 and over.

How does St Frock Rewards work?

St Frock Rewards recognises you based on your total points earned within a 12-month period, starting from the day you join. You will be eligible for a range of rewards which increase in value based on which membership tier you are in.

What are the St Frock Rewards levels?

St Frock Rewards levels are based on points earned within a 12-month period (commencing from 4pm on 25/03/24)

  • Pink Tier = 1 to 299 points
  • Silver Tier = 300 to 899 points
  • Gold Tier = 900 to 1799 points
  • Diamond Tier = 1800 points or more