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How To Choose Stylish Women Tops For Different Occasions

Need a styling guru to give you some tips on how to pick the perfect women tops for any events you have lined up? St Frock is here to be your ultimate fashion bestie. Here’s how to make sure you turn heads wherever you go.

Step #1: Matching the vibe

First things first: determine the vibe of the event. The level of formality is crucial when you’re putting together your OOTD.

Chill plans

For casual hangouts, basics like tees and tank tops are your best friends. They’re laid back but still have classic and stylish silhouettes. As for fabrics, opt for polyester or cotton women’s tops. These are great when it comes to comfortable tops for women to wear whether you’re relaxing or on the go. 

Versatility is key too. Casual tops are what you’re going to be reaching for the most, so it’s great to change it up each time. Thankfully, there are tons of ways to do that. For instance, layer a tee over a mini dress or get monochromatic tops that are easy to mix and match with any of your jeans, skirts or shorts. 

Special occasions 

Got something on your social calendar that requires you to dress up a bit more? Interesting silhouettes like wrap tops and off-shoulder blouses are a great way to elevate your outfit. Choosing fabrics? Sophisticated picks like satin and chiffon are always a plus when it comes to women’s tops for special occasions.

Heading out for a glamorous night on the town with your friends or date? Style your top with a glamorous mini skirt and fun accessories. You can also go with sheer tops or other tops that have eye-catching details like sequins and bright colours. 

Are you thinking of more formal events? Party dresses aren’t your only option. You can dress up women tops with stilettos and an elegant maxi skirt. Open to combining feminine and masculine elements? Straight leg pants and a suit jacket are sharp party wear options that can go with dressy tops too. 

Step #2: Dressing for the weather

Beat the heat 

For hotter seasons and midday events, you may get warmer much faster. Popular summer women’s tops are made of lighter fabrics like cotton, so look out for that when you’re shopping for a beach trip and brunches on hot days. Relaxed fits are also the perfect silhouette for great airflow. 

Just running around after the kids on a warm day? Styling casual women’s tops with comfy shorts or jeans is the way to go. Going to an outdoor party? Wear your camisole top with a flowy skirt for a fashionable and fresh combo.

Keep warm 

If the weather is getting chilly or you’re going to an outdoor event on a cool night, go for heavier fabrics to stay warm. The best silhouettes for women tops for moments like these are long sleeves and high necks – not just because they keep you snug but also because they’re super chic! 

Step #3: Get the right fit

The most important thing is to make sure you look great for any event? Finding women tops that fit you like a glove. 

That’s why we provide easy-to-understand size guides at St Frock. This doesn’t just apply to our women tops either; we’ve got guides for everything from our casual shorts and everyday jeans to wedding guest dresses. Plus, to make sure every garment we sell is sized accurately, our styling queens hand-measure each one!

Wanna be extra sure? Go ahead and get two or more different sizes of the same item in the same colour at once. Try them on, find the perfect fit and return the ones that don’t fit; we’ll gladly refund you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I choose the right top for my body type?

It’s key is to choose women tops that accentuate your best features and balance out your proportions. There are no definite set rules, so feel free to experiment with different fits, necklines, sleeve styles and details that work for you. However, here are some great suggestions for each body type to get you started:

  • Apple-shaped. If you want to achieve more waist definition, wrap tops – just like wrap dresses – are a great pick.

  • Pear-shaped. Get tops with collars, round necklines and no sleeves; these can all draw more attention to your shoulders and balance them out with your hips. 

  • Rectangle. Create the illusion of curves with fit and flare tops, ruffle details, and puffy or flowy sleeves. 

  • Hourglass. Form fitting tops are great for further accentuating your curves.

What are the most versatile tops for travel?

It can be hard to pack for travel because you’re not always familiar with the place or know what activities to prepare for. Don’t worry, though; there’s a solution for that when it comes to women tops. Here are some must-have choices that are sure to be travel staples because of how great they are for any occasion. 

  • Black tops. You know how they say a little black dress is the ultimate day to night look? Well, why not go for black tops too? Black is just such a versatile colour that looks sleek and elegant enough to dress up an outfit but is still a neutral, go-to colour for casual activities. Plus, they’ll go with any other colours you’ve brought with you!

  • Tank tops. Going to multiple places with different climates or unsure about your destination’s weather? Tank tops are your capsule wardrobe bestie. You can wear them for maximum breathability and comfort in warmer spots; however, for chillier weather, they’re sleek and simple enough to layer under your outfit without looking bulky.

  • Button ups. There are so many ways to wear this staple. Button it all the way up for fancy dinners and parties; use it as a coverup at the beach; leave it unbuttoned over a tank top for a more casual look – the possibilities are endless!

What are the best tops for a professional look?

Looking for workwear that screams business? There are options beyond the midi dress you always reach for. Formal tops can also help you with this look, whether you’re heading to the office, networking at a social event, or speaking at a conference. 

Go for tops with features similar to what you’d find in a typical men’s shirt – think buttons, cuffs and collars. These details are timeless classics that make you look extra sophisticated. When it comes to silhouettes, pick tops with long sleeves and high necklines to create a more streamlined and sleek aesthetic that makes you look more put together. 

Look beautiful, feel beautiful

We believe every woman deserves garments that don’t just make them look gorgeous but also make them feel on top of the world. That’s why St Frock stocks up on styles that fit and flatter every body type, like summer dresses and more! With up to 100 new weekly drops, you’re sure to find something you’ll be strutting confidently in.

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