How To: Dress for your Shape

Dressing For Your Shape

Whether you’re a rectangle, an hourglass, a pear, or a triangle, there are ways to dress your body shape. It all starts with understanding what shape your body falls into and how to bump it up for the best look possible. There’s no need to worry about feeling like you can’t find anything to wear. With this handy guide on dressing for your shape, you’ll find out everything from how to highlight your assets to which styles suit you best.

Every body shape is unique. Knowing your body shape will help you create the most flattering wardrobe possible.

One of the best ways to identify your shape is to check out what parts of your body protrude forward and which parts recede. The parts that protrude forward are usually going to be a little more obvious because they're bigger and attract more attention. And the parts that recede will be less noticeable, but they'll still have a big impact on how you dress because clothes hang differently on them.

The five main body shapes are: rectangle, hourglass, pear, diamond and inverted triangle.

Ready? Let’s get started!

What is your body shape?

If you're not sure what shape your body falls into, don't fret! It's easy to find out.

Start by thinking about your back - does it curve in or is it more of a straight line? This is the first indicator of what shape your body might be.

Next, look at your hips. Do they stick out? Or are they more tucked in? This will help you determine if you have an apple shape or a pear shape.

Is there a noticeable difference between your upper and lower halves? If so, then you're most likely an hourglass shape.

If there isn't much difference to be seen between your upper and lower halves, then you might be a rectangle or triangle shape.

Hopefully this article has helped you to dress for your shape and show off your best features! Remember, there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” when it comes to fashion. Tailor your clothes to your body type for the best results. St Frock has a wide variety of clothing in all shapes and styles to match your Body Type!