How To: Wearing Bold Prints

How To: Wearing Bold Prints

Discover the art of wearing bold prints with confidence with St Frock. Explore styling tips & our collection of bold fashion that stands out here.

Hello, stylish ladies of all shapes and sizes! We're here to unveil the secrets of mastering bold prints, because, let's face it, life is too short to wear boring clothes. At St Frock, we believe that fashion is all about self-expression, and bold prints are the ultimate canvas for showcasing your unique style. We have a huge collection of print clothing ready for you to mix and match or wear on its own! So, let's dive on and discover how to wear bold prints with confidence.

Bold prints are the life of the fashion party. Whether you're a fan of florals, stripes, or something more abstract, the key is to own it.

Celebrate Your Body Shape

When it comes to wearing bold prints, consider your body shape:

Pear Shaped
Can accentuate their upper body with a patterned top, or go for a dress that balances out your figure. Shop our Milena Top in Blue with Pink Floral.

Hourglass Figures
Can emphasise their curves with fitted dresses and cinch their waist with belts. A floral print dress always makes for a classic look. Shop our Bernadine Midi Dress in Black with Multi Floral for that vintage inspired look.

Athletic Frames
Can create curves with peplum tops or embrace high-waisted bottoms in a bold print for added femininity. Shop our Mariah Pants in Cream with Green Leaf Print.

Inverted Triangles
Can elongate their torso with V-neck tops or try a floral maxi skirt for a balanced look. Shop our Ocean Breeze Maxi Skirt in Ink with Pink and Yellow Floral.

Can create the illusion of height with pinstripe denim or vertical stripe midi dresses. Some options for this shop our Bianca Wide Leg Jean in Dark Blue Denim Pinstripe or our Empower Midi Dress in Black with White Stripe Crepe.

Tall Beauties
Can flaunt their stature with a bold floral midi dress or add a pop of colour with oversized accessories. Shop our Daydreamer Midi Dress in White with Blue Flower Print.


Strike the Right Balance
While bold prints are fantastic, balance is crucial. If you're wearing a bold printed top, pair it with solid-coloured bottoms, and vice versa. Mixing prints can be fun, just ensure they share a colour palette for a harmonious look.

Confidence is Key
The most important rule when wearing bold prints is confidence. When you feel good in what you're wearing, it radiates. So, wear your bold prints with pride and strut your stuff like the fashion diva you are!

How to Wear Animal Print

Animal prints are a timeless trend that exudes confidence and charisma. Whether you’re a newbie to this trend, or a seasoned pro, here’s a guide on how to wear leopard print, zebra print, or snake print, and incorporate these wild patterns into your wardrobe.

Embrace the Versatility
Animal prints are incredibly versatile. They can be dressed up or down, worn as a statement piece or paired back with neutrals, making them a must-have in your wardrobe.

Start with Accessories: If you're new to animal print, begin with accessories like belts, scarves, or shoes. These subtle touches add a hint of the trend to your outfit without overwhelming it. For instance, a leopard print belt can cinch your waist and elevate a simple dress or jeans and a blouse. Go check out our August + Delilah Giza Earrings in Brown Leopard Print.

Go for a Statement Piece: Ready to make a bolder statement? Consider investing in a standout animal print item like a leopard print dress or a zebra print jacket. These pieces can be the focal point of your outfit. Keep the rest of your look understated with solid colours to let the print shine. Shop our Marela Midi Wrap Dress in Brown Leopard Print.

Layer with Solid Colours: If you want to ease into animal print, consider layering it with solid colours. For example, wear a snake print blouse under a black blazer or pair a zebra print skirt with a white tee and a denim jacket. This approach adds a pop of interest to your outfit without going all-in on the print. Shop our Mirage Trench in Beige with Animal Print.

How to Wear Stripes
Stripes are a fashion classic that never goes out of style. Their timeless appeal can enhance various looks. Here's how to make stripes your style ally:

Nautical Stripes
These classic blue and white stripes evoke a sense of the sea. Try them on skirts, dresses, or even nautical blazers for that coastal charm. Shop our Gwennie Midi Shirt Dress in Blue and White Stripe Cotton.

Bold Stripes
Wide, bold stripes can add a pop of colour and drama. Consider a structured shirt dress or wide-legged pants for a bold statement. Shop our Noa Midi Shirt Dress in Black with Brown Stripe.

Striped Accessories
Don't forget the power of striped accessories like scarves, bags, or even shoes. They can instantly jazz up a solid-coloured outfit.


How to Wear Florals
Floral prints have been a fashion favourite for centuries. They come in various styles, from dainty daisies to vibrant tropical blooms. Here's how to wear them.

Vintage Florals
Vintage-inspired floral prints have a nostalgic charm. Wrap dresses or tea dresses with vintage florals are perfect for a romantic look. Shop our Loriet Maxi Shirt Dress in Blue with White Floral Cotton Blend.

Bold Blooms
If you're not one to shy away from attention, go for bold floral patterns. Maxi dresses or kimonos in vibrant florals make a striking statement. Shop our Fione Shirt Dress in Blue with White Print.

Floral Accessories
Floral accessories like headbands or earrings can add a touch of nature to your outfit without overwhelming your look. Check out our August + Delilah Kylie Stud Earrings in Gold and our August + Delilah Novida Tote Bag in Multi Berry Sequin.

How to Mix Prints
Mixing prints can be a fun and daring way to express your fashion sense. To pull off this trend effortlessly, consider these tips.

Start with a Statement Piece
Begin with one bold print as your focal point and build your outfit around it.

Keep It in the Family
Stick to prints within the same colour family to maintain cohesiveness.

Balance with Solids
Incorporate solid-coloured items to break up the patterns and create visual balance.

So, there you have it, fashion-forward ladies! With these tips and tricks, you'll be the queen of bold prints and the master of mixing patterns. Remember, fashion is all about having fun, so go ahead, experiment, and let your style shine like the star you are. At St Frock, we're here to celebrate your uniqueness and help you express it through fashion. Now, go slay those bold prints with confidence!