Summer Travel Essentials

Summer Travel Essentials

You’ve booked your summer holiday, sightseeing tours and activities, bars and restaurants and that’s just the start of the fun. When you know your travel plans it’s time to pack, which is one of our favourite parts of travelling anywhere, deciding what to wear.  So, the St Frock styling team has put together a guide on pack worthy pieces. The goal is to pack pieces that have the versatility to easily get you from point A to point B by simply switching out sandals for heels, beach bag to clutch, headphones to earrings etc. You’re in good hands, planning is our middle name.

The Mini Dress:

A versatile dress that's perfect for all occasions and you get to show off your freshly tanned legs. Head from the waterside to the restaurant with a quick change from sandals to heels, or just add a statement earring with your fancy flats. We particularly love a smock dress style for a great beach or poolside cover up.

The Midi Dress:

A combination of style and comfort that is essential for a summer holiday, perfect for relaxed days at the beach and equally for running around with the kids as it offers just the right length, giving you confidence for any activity. We suggest packing a style featuring pocket details for those days on the go.

The Maxi Dress:

The maxi dress is your go-to summer holiday outfit. Whether you’re headed to a music festival, hitting the beach or hitting the streets, this dress ticks all the right boxes. This will be your new favorite versatile piece to pack for vacation.

Multi Way Dress

Loving a dress that you can change to look completely different by the tie of a strap, reversing the dress from front to back, or wearing it as a dress one day and a skirt the next.


When considering separates look to pieces that can be worn day or night, comfy, airy, fun and free, keeping you cool while looking chic.

Top of Body

We suggest a cami for evenings, a tank for lazy lunches, smock tops that breathe and have freedom of movement, and a shirt or short shirt dress that doubles as a beach or poolside cover up.

Lower Body

So you're planning on catching up on some sun this summer, or going to the beach with the kids and want to stay comfortable. Shorts are a perfect packing piece for your holiday.

This summer, take your poolside style up a notch with a flirty skirt over your one piece swimsuit. Whether you're headed to the beach or just lounging by the pool, this look will have you feeling confident and glam.

No matter what your style is, there's definitely a pair of pants out there that will suit you perfectly. The great thing about wider leg pants is that they can often double as a maxi or midi skirt. Handy cargo pocket style pants are great for those who need to keep their hands free.


The weather in tropical climates can vary greatly from season to season. During the day it can be warm and balmy, but at night the temperature can drop significantly. This is where denim comes into play because it is comfortable and versatile. You can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion and it looks great with a summer tan.


Sunglasses, scarfs, hats and tote bags are all essential items that you should pack for a summer trip to the beach or pool. A fabulous big hat will help keep your face protected from the sun, while a cute scarf can add a touch of style to your outfit. We love a scarf styled on your bag or around the brim of your hat.

Like we always say, a great accessory can elevate your look from casual to fancy in a hot second. Belts cinch in a loose smock dress changing your look by creating shape. Statement earrings elevate a beach look in a flick of a towel and a quick change from flat to heel will take you effortlessly from beach to bar.

The 'In Air' travel look

Whether you're flying for business or pleasure, comfort is key. Airports and airplanes can be cool places, and we are often escaping from cold to warmer destinations. No matter where you're going, it's important to be comfortable during your flight and at your destination. 

Floaty pants with elastic waist are perfect for when you want to feel comfortable and look stylish, just style with your favourite cami or tank then add a jacket for when you need the extra layer. We suggest a denim jacket which is an all weather and all round fashion staple and looks fab over your summer dresses if the evenings get cool at your final destination.

Wearing maxi dresses on flights and during travel can be extremely comfortable and stylish. They are perfect for when you want to feel relaxed, but also look your best upon arrival at your destination.


Packing smart is the best way to make the most of your suitcase space. By rolling each item of clothing individually, you'll be able to fit in extra items and avoid wrinkles. This method is also great for keeping your clothes organized while you travel. 

We suggest travelling with a mini handheld steamer, it will be your best friend and keep your clothing crease free.  

Take photos of your luggage for extra security on transit from mainland to island.

Most of all enjoy yourself looking your best living your best life.