How To: Find The Perfect Jeans

Shopping for jeans can be frustrating. They’re either too tight on your thighs, too loose on your waist or they just don’t seem to fit right. Choosing bottoms that are perfect for you is not as easy as it seems. It's frustrating when every pair you try on fits differently.

It can take hours of shopping before you find the perfect pair. But what if I told you there was a way to find the perfect jeans without breaking your back? You might be skeptical, but with these simple tips, you'll be able to see whether or not those jeans are the ones for you in less than five minutes.

How to identify the perfect jeans for you

First, you need to identify your body type. This will help you choose the best fit for you. Once you have that figured out, it's time to look at the rise of the jeans. The rise should be slightly lower than your stomach button. If they're too high, then they're too tight on your thighs and if they're too low, then they'll be loose on your waist and hips.

Now that you know what size and how high or low the jeans should go, it's time to take a look at the waistband. The waistband should sit comfortably on your natural waist with some wiggle room in order to move around comfortably.

Next is the part where you actually try them on! Once you've found a pair that fits all three of these criteria, congratulations! You've found your perfect pair of jeans!

Finding the right jeans for your body

The first thing you need to do when shopping for jeans is to find the jeans that are the right size and fit. This sounds like a no-brainer, but oftentimes people will try on a pair of jeans that they like but don't buy them because they're not the right size.

We all know how hard it is to find jeans that fit our body type, so we might impulse buy a pair we like even if it's not the right size.

So, before you get into any fitting rooms or start trying on any pairs of jeans, take a look at the sizing chart in the store. Make sure you're buying the correct size before you start trying on pairs of jeans; otherwise you'll end up wasting your time.

Finding The Perfect Style For Me

Skinny Jeans

Despite the name, this jean has nothing to do with your figure; they just have the slimmest ankle of all styles. This is the jean for every shape and often includes stretch so are super comfortable. For this style consider the wash you choose. Apple, pear and hourglass shapes look best in dark washes, while apple and inverter triangle shapes can wear lighter washes.

Straight Jeans

Straight leg jeans are a more relaxed version of skinny jeans, great if you are wanting some more room in the leg and at the ankle. Hourglass, apple and inverted triangle shapes all suit the straight leg shape.

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are high waisted, roomy around the hips and bottom and taper at the ankles. This style is great for apple and rectangle, those who want to create the illusion of a waist and can suit pear shapes when worn snuggly.

Finding the perfect length of jeans

Finding the perfect length can be a challenge. Here are a few steps to help you out:

1. Put on a pair of shoes that you would typically wear with jeans.

2. Stand next to a wall and use your hand to see how tall you are from the ground up to your shoulders.

3. You'll then want to measure from the top of your jeans along the inside seam up till you reach your height. In this case, it would be from the top of the jeans to where your hand reaches on your shoulder because you're 5'8".

Tips to get the Perfect Fit

1. Size up to find the right fit.

2. Don’t be afraid to try on jeans that are too big for you.

3. Be sure the waistband is sitting at your waist, or a little lower.

4. You want to make sure there's a little bit of space in the crotch area and a lot of space in the thigh area.

5. Check if they're tight around your butt and thighs without feeling too tight around your waist.

6. Try on jeans with different styles—high-waisted, low-rise, boot cut, flare leg—to see which style suits you best!

No matter what jeans you choose, St Frock has a variety of affordable options that will flatter anyone!