How To: Find Your Personal Style

The key to looking stylish is about staying true to your personal style. You can develop your style by searching for inspiration, creating a mood board, and experimenting with your personal aesthetic and putting outfits together.

Here are our top 5 tips to finding your personal style

1. Edit your closet

Think about the clothes you currently have that make you happy. What are your favourite items? Notice what they have in common.

2. Find fashion inspiration

Inspiration is all around you. Start with people you know and anyone you meet in your daily life, whose style you admire. Next, spend time on social media, flicking through fashion magazines and researching blogs, and take notice how celebrities and influencers dress.

3. Create a mood board

A mood board is a simple way to work toward developing your personal style. Once you’ve gathered your fashion inspiration, compile the images into a mood board. You’ll start seeing a certain aesthetic emerge and/or a certain person whose style you resonate the most with that you can look to for inspiration.

4. Create a capsule wardrobe

This is a collection of basics that you can mix and match to create effortless looks. These are classic pieces in neutral colours that go with everything: for example, basic tees or tanks, classic pair of jeans, black pants, a denim jacket, a white shirt, a blazer, a little black dress, a classic tote handbag

5. Experiment

Time to start adding unique pieces to your wardrobe that shows off your personality. If you’re partial to print, introduce some floral or animal prints into your wardrobe or add pops of colour or bold accessories… or all of the above.

Finding your personal style can be hard, but once you are ready to showcase it to the world St Frock’s affordable range of clothing is here to help.