Maxi Dresses

All Things Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses are the perfect, versatile piece for any occasion that provide an effortless silhouette and perfect for all body types. They can be worn to work, out on the town, or at home lounging: with so many styles and colours available, there’s no shortage of options to choose from that can be dressed up or down! 

First appearing in Ancient Greece, designer Oscar De La Renta released his own spin on the Maxi Dress in 1968 - which soon took the fashion world by storm in the 1970’s as a stark contrast to the mini skirts and dresses that dominated the previous decades. 

We love wearing maxi dresses all year round. From sun-kissed spring picnics with your friends, to balmy garden parties, or even a fancy date with your beau - adding different accessories, shoes and layers can take you from casual to formal in seconds! 

Layering it up!

Layering with light knits, cardi’s or coats, and a cute pair of boots will have you feeling cute and cozy in the cooler autumn & winter months in your favourite maxi dress from spring & summer. 

A wardrobe staple - think fun, feminine, boho and chic with swirl-worthy skirts to make you feel glamorous and comfortable with minimum effort and maximum style!