How To: Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans for Your Body Type

How to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans for Your Body Type

Welcome to the denim dreamland, where we unravel the mystery of finding the perfect pair of jeans that hugs your curves in all the right places. At St Frock, we believe that we have the best types of jeans for women, because every woman deserves to feel fabulous in her own skin, and the right pair of jeans can make that happen. Check out our denim collection for some inspiration and join us on this journey through the world of denim and discover the styles that suit your unique body shape.

Finding Your Fit with Your Body Type
Before we embark on this denim adventure, let's quickly talk about body types. Your body type is like your fashion fingerprint—it's all about your natural shape and proportions. Not sure what body type you have? No worries! Check out our guide on "How to Dress for Your Body Shape" to unlock the secrets of your silhouette. Armed with this knowledge, you're ready to conquer the denim realm.

Best Jeans for Pear Body Shape

Ah, the delightful pear shape! If your hips are the widest part of your body and you have a smaller bust and waist, you're a pear. 

Embrace your curves with:

  • Skinny Jeans: These can be scary if you have a larger thigh but don’t be shy there are lots at St Frock with plenty of stretch that will work wonders. High to mid rise styles  will highlight your slim waist and elongate your legs, creating a balanced silhouette. Shop our Billie Straight Jeans in Mid Blue Wash Denim.
  • Flare Jeans: Adding volume from the knee down, flare jeans bring harmony to your proportions while adding a touch of vintage charm. Look for high or mid rise styles to define your waist. Shop our Austin Flare Jeans in Black Denim.
  • Boot Cut Jeans: Offer a slight flare at the ankle which balances out your hips beautifully, giving you a chic and flattering look. Shop our Atwood High Rise Jeans in Dark Blue Denim.

Best Jeans for Hourglass Body Shape

The alluring hourglass! If your bust and hips are about the same width with a small waist, you're in the hourglass club. Your curves are a masterpiece, and these jeans will showcase them perfectly.

  • Skinny Jeans: Embrace your curves with a snug fit that accentuates your small waist and showcases your voluptuousness - be sure to check the stretch factor for comfort and opt for a flattering high rise style. Shop our Little Lies Jeans in Blue.
  • Wide Leg Jeans: Balancing your proportions, wide leg jeans add drama to your look while celebrating your timeless silhouette. Shop our Juanita Wide Leg Jean in White Denim.
  • Straight Leg Jeans: These classics maintain your balance while providing a sleek and sophisticated vibe. Shop our Ace Straight Leg Jean in Mid Blue Denim.

Best Jeans for a Rectangle Body Shape

The chic rectangle! If your bust, waist, and hips are in line with each other, you're a fabulous rectangle. It's all about adding curves and dimension with these jean styles:

Best Jeans for an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The inverted triangle! If you have broad shoulders and a narrower waist and hips, you rock the inverted triangle look. Balance is the key, and these jeans do just that.

Remember, these recommendations are just the starting point. Personal style is all about embracing what makes you feel confident and fabulous. We believe we have the best jeans for women so scroll through our denim collection.

Mix and match these styles with our fashionable separates to create outfits that showcase your personality and flatter your body type.

So, there you have it—your denim destiny decoded! Find your perfect pair of jeans at St Frock and celebrate your unique body shape with style. Whether you're a pear, hourglass, rectangle, or inverted triangle, the world of jeans is yours to conquer. Dive in, try on different styles, and strut your stuff with confidence, because fashion is all about embracing what makes you, well, you!

Ready to find your denim soulmate? Explore our collection of the best jeans for women and discover your perfect fit!