The Dress Dictionary: Dress Styles You Need to Know

What Are The Different Dress Types?

Let's be honest here! We've all been guilty of dressing up into our fantasy’s at some point in our lives, pretending to be a princess or a superhero, or even just trying on your mom's dresses when she's not looking. Who can blame us? Dresses come in so many fabulous styles and shapes that it's hard to resist their siren call. Slipping into a gorgeous dress is a surefire way to feel like a total goddess and experiment with your fashion game.So, whether you're looking to feel more feminine or just want to try out the latest trends, shopping for dresses can become a fun obsession!

Knowing the different types of dresses is key to finding your perfect match. So, read along, we have done your homework so that you can figure out which style of dress floats your boat. Get ready to shop ladies!

There are numerous types of dresses, each with its own unique style and purpose. Some of the most popular types of dresses include:

The Mini Dress

A mini dress is short enough to show off your legs but still appropriate for work or formal occasions when paired with heels or wedges.

The Midi Dress

It's not too long, not too short, it's just right. A style that hits somewhere between the knee and ankle, making it the perfect choice for those who want something modest yet fashionable, perfect for work or formal occasions.

The Maxi Dress

A maxi dress can be worn both casually and formally depending on how you accessorise it. A long and flowy dress that typically reaches the ankles. Wear it with boots and a jacket on cooler weekends or with heels and your fave jewellery.

The A-line Dress

A classic and universally flattering style that is fitted at the top and flares out gradually towards the hemline.

The Shift Dress

A simple and straight-cut dress that hangs loosely from the shoulders and does not hug the body. Great workwear dress option due to its style and comfort.

The Wrap Dress

A versatile style that features a wrap-around closure and can be adjusted to fit a variety of body types.

The Shirt Dress

A dress that features a button-down front like a shirt, with a collar and typically a loose fit.

Remember when shopping for a dress, it's important to consider the occasion, your body type, and personal style preferences to find the perfect fit.