Your Ultimate Guide to Curve Dresses

Your Ultimate Guide to Curve Dresses

Get ready to rock your curves with style! Our ultimate guide will show you how to flawlessly style curve dresses for any occasion. Say hello to figure-flattering dresses and pro tips that will make heads turn!

Styling Tips for Curve Dresses
When it comes to styling your curves, it's about embracing your body shape and finding the perfect fit. We've got some styling tips to help you rock those curves with confidence in dresses that will make you the envy of every room.

Consider Your Body Shape: Embrace What Mama Gave You!
Let's be real, we come in all shapes and sizes, and that's what makes us unique. Own your body shape, whether you're a sassy apple, a bodacious pear, a va-va-voom hourglass, a sleek rectangle, or a top of the world triangle. The key is to choose dresses that accentuate your assets and make you feel like a queen. Dive into our guide on "How to Dress For Your Shape" for a dose of body-loving inspiration!

Consider Colours: Paint the Town Fabulous!
When it comes to colours, you've got the whole palette to play with! Here's the scoop:

  • Block Colours: Play with solid colours. Keeping tonal will always create a seamless silhouette and classic black is always a winner, but don't be afraid to unleash your inner rainbow with vibrant hues that reflect your personality and style. Considering placement is key, remember dark colours minimise, light colours accentuate. 
  • Florals: Blossom like the fierce flower you are! Floral prints can be a curvy girl's best friend. Look for dresses with floral patterns that are strategically placed to enhance your curves and draw attention to your best assets. If you are blessed with luscious curves then opt for curve dresses like curve wrap dresses.
  • Neutrals: Be a neutral goddess! Soft nude and blush tones create an elegant and versatile canvas. They're the perfect backdrop for adding a splash of pizzazz with a statement belt and vibrant pops of colour.

Make it easier on yourself and shop our dresses for lots of options to inspire you.

Consider Occasion
While it's essential to choose a dress that compliments your figure, it's equally important to consider the occasion. Here are some quick tips to ensure you're always dressed to slay:

  • Formal: When it's time to bring the glam, reach for dresses with exquisite cuts and luxurious fabrics. Our collection of formal dresses offers a range of sophisticated curve dress options to suit your style.
  • Cocktail: Raise that cocktail glass with style! Choose styles that hug your curves in all the right places, accentuating your assets. Get inspired by our collection of cocktail dresses and get ready to turn heads. 
  • Casual: Who says casual can't be chic? Embrace comfort and style in relaxed silhouettes and cozy fabrics. Check out our range of casual dresses, many available in extended sizes, that will have you looking effortlessly fabulous on your off-duty days.
  • Summer: Beat the heat while looking hotter than the sun! Opt for breathable fabrics and vibrant prints. Our summer dresses collection is a tropical paradise just waiting for you to explore.

Best Dress Styles For Curvy Women

With styling tips top of mind, let's explore specific dress styles that work beautifully for curvy women. Available in extended size dresses these are styles that are designed to enhance your curves and make you feel fabulous, in our fabulous curve selection ready for browsing, shopping and sharing!

A-Line Dresses

A-line dresses can be a curvy girl's best friend. Dresses that skim the body and hips with the flared silhouette of an A-line skirt, will be certain to create an elegant and flattering look for any occasion. Our work dresses are filled with options to take you from desk to dinner. And when the occasion calls for something more elevated we have lots of versatile, sophisticated options to choose from.

Empire Dresses

Who runs the world? You do! Empire dresses feature a higher waistline,  just below the bust, allowing fabric to flow gracefully over the tummy and hips. This style gives you the confidence to rule any room. Shop our special occasion collection for other stunning styles.

Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are the ultimate curve enhancers! The cross over at the waist delicately enhances and or creates one and the drape beautifully skims your curves falling to a flattering skirt giving balance to any body shape. Embrace the allure of our wrap dress collection.

Off the Shoulder

Shoulders are sexy! Off-the-shoulder dresses add a touch of allure while still embracing those curves. The Scarlet Dress in Black Spot Chiffon will have you dancing like no one’s watching. This style is particularly stunning for pear shapes as it will balance curvy bottoms by extending the top of the dress out to the furthest spot on your shoulders.

Maxi Dresses

Let's go to the max! Maxi dresses can be a curvy girl's best friend. They elongate your silhouette and offer a stunning, flowing look. Maxi dresses are pure magic for special occasions or when you simply want to feel like a goddess. Embrace your curves with confidence with our diverse range of maxi dresses.

Now that you have the inside scoop on styling your curves, shop our extended size dresses like a pro, it's time to embrace your curves and unleash your inner fashionista.