Mastering Your Workwear Wardrobe

There are plenty of guidelines on what to wear to the office - but what we would like to showcase is different workwear wardrobe styles that speak to your own personal fashion style.

What Are the Different Styles of Workwear?

There are many different options available which means it can be challenging to understand workwear wardrobe styles and how to create different looks - luckily, we can break them down into three main categories: Smart casual, business casual and corporate.

Smart Casual

Typically characterised by a more relaxed style with an emphasis on comfort, smart casual chooses functionality over formality. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your fabulous dresses in fun prints and vivid colours. Workwear dressing shouldn't come at the cost of you having to sacrifice your style, but we can look at things like dress or skirt lengths and less revealing decolletage styles being office appropriate. If you’re not a dress gal, a great way to wear a smart casual look is pairing a shirt, jeans and relaxed blazer.

Business Casual

A step up from smart casual but doesn't necessarily mean casual. What business casual actually means is that you don't have to wear a suit. This style allows for more colour and texture in your clothing choices - you can even mix prints!  Business casual workwear usually includes a shirt or blouse, dressy pants, or a pencil skirt and our workflow range is perfect for this. Keep the shoes closed toe with heels, ballet flats or even chic boots to finish off the look.


The most conservative office dress code and perfect if you want to look like you mean business. Traditional business attire is the everyday office wear in industries like finance, banking, government or law. A pantsuit, knee-length pencil skirt, and a blazer are the requirements for business professionals - however, with this being said, make it fun - it doesn't need to be boring. Our classic houndstooth suit is an amazing option for someone in the corporate world.

Once you have chosen what kind of workwear style is best suited to you, it's time to create a buildable wardrobe that enables you to adapt to every season. Start with the foundations of any good wardrobe: tops and bottoms. Once you have those covered, you can begin adding other pieces like blazers, jackets and coats that match the style of workwear that fits your needs. Then comes the shoes. Whether you’re going corporate and need some classy heels, or keep it casual with some clean sneakers, ballet flats or boots - our range has got you covered. 

For all your office wear needs, explore St Frock’s range of women's workwear and build your business wardrobe that your coworkers will envy.